MiDAS Player

MiDAS Player

MiDAS Player works with all file formats -- AVI, BMP, JPEG and TIFF
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The MiDAS Player provides all the loading, saving and playback functions of MiDAS 4.0 - for free. Now you can load your MiDAS images, synchronized data files, tracked points, spreadsheet analyses, IRIG/GPS timing and position data, and notes.
-All the playback features of MiDAS are here, including variable-speed playback, zoom view, jump and circle-playback. MiDAS Player works with all file formats -- AVI, BMP, JPEG and TIFF. Load, shorten, change formats, re-save.
-Distribute the MiDAS Player to your clients, customers, co-workers, or include it on your CD-ROM with your images. The MiDAS Player is a great display and demonstration tool.

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  • Question: Midas opens my video (.avi), but when I play it, it displays the first frame only.

    This problem might be caused by a broken AVI file, corrupted software or lack of codecs. I recommend you obtain the AVI file again, then play it one more time. If you receive the same error, reinstall the application and repeat the process. Additionally, download Combined Community Codec Pack and play the file one more time and it should work. CCCP codecs are good for situations when files refuse to play.

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